Question by  stevmac (16)

How common are side effects after an MRI? Has anyone else had side effects or feel the pictures they take?

After an MRI, I had severe dizziness that day, migraines for a week, depression off and on over a year now, and could feel when they took images of the heart and brain. They say that's impossible but I did feel it. It felt like tingling, and tapping on the heart.


Answer by  janedoe (701)

You can't feel an MRI any more than you can feel a photograph. MRIs use a magnetic field to measure hydrogen atoms in the body. Your body has no receptors capable of feeling this, nor is it possible for an MRI to disrupt your body in any way. There are no MRI side effects. Your symptoms are 100% unrelated.


Answer by  luvchoclat (20)

I have had an MRI of my head and had no side effects. I have also had one of my back with no side effects either. I only felt claustrophobic with the head MRI.


Answer by  cristigorcea (14)

I had an MRI performed on my left ankle, was at least a half an hour process.My observation is that while the different scans were taking place I could actually feel the magnetic field .The troublesome thing though is that I was feeling some pressure on my testicles. Even now, four hours after the scan,I feel some sort of pain/pressure/tightness.

Reply by stevmac (16):
I guess nobody believed you either....I know what I felt. Now if a regular photograph uses a magnetic field to measure hydrogen atoms in the body, then I might believe the first answer.  add a comment

Answer by  bouks999 (496)

I had a MRI way back when and i myself didn't feel dizzy and didn't have any complications after. It may vary from person to person though.

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