Question by  Franky (21)

What should I be feeding a baby opossum?

I need to feed my baby opossum.


Answer by  tyann (54)

Wildlife Center Formula:1 part Esbilac powder 1 part Zoologic Milk Matrix 30-55 2 parts Water Home Formula: 1 part Esbilac powder 1/3 part Heavy Whipping Cream, 1. 5 parts Water Feedings #1, 2 = 1 part full strength formula + 2 parts water every 2 hours for 4 hours.


Answer by  girlygirl (58)

Baby opossums can be offered some Pedialyte from something small like an eyedropper or if the baby is a little older, try a small bowl. You can also offer it some home made formula with milk, egg yolk, and some honey. You should feed the baby at least every two hours.

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