Question by  Aimee (46)

What is the best tattoo arm cover up?

I need to cover my tattoo for a special event.


Answer by  kalamitykrys (228)

There are many tattoo cover up make up things available. My personal favorite is Kat Von D's that she sells at Sephora locations. You can hardly tell the tattoo was ever even there!


Answer by  jessicak13 (26)

First off try cover up makeup/powder. Of course this will probably not cover up the entire thing it could lighten it up quite a bit. Depending on the event and size of tattoo, try wearing something like a sweatband/armband to cover it. You could possibly find skin colored paint. Tie a little scarf or pretty handkerchief & decorate if necessary.


Answer by  mstek (20)

You could buy a facial coverup makeup matching your skin tone, but this is rather obvious and it could easily rub off. The best possible soultion is to wear a long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, sport coat or a light jacket depending on the event and the size of the tattoo.


Answer by  Gerald73 (5)

The best cover for a tattoo on your arm is clothing: a long-sleeved shirt or jacket. Otherwise, use foundation makeup to mask the area.


Answer by  Z69 (26)

you could use an airbrush, some beige paint (assuming you're white) and a template to help you brush one strip at a time

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