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Question by  tml (538)

What is the process for covering stairs with laminate?

I need to cover my stairs with laminate.


Answer by  sammyrags (82)

First you need to cut the bullnose off of the existing stair. Cover the stair with the laminate flooring and finish with a new bullnose to match the new flooring.


Answer by  FinanceGuy (82)

Laminate on stairs can be tricky. If the steps form 90 degree angles, you can cut the top and front stair pieces separately. Make sure that the patterns line up, and glue the pieces on smooth, dry wood. Cover the seams with 90 degree molding.


Answer by  Rich (23)

Remove existing floorcoverings. Cut off nosing. Template top of stair. Install Face of stair. Cut top to template and install tread. This should all be fixed in place by glueing and fastening with eighteen gauge brad nails til the glue dries. Once dry use wood putty to fill the wholes caused by the nailer.


Answer by  stevelb22 (32)

First clean the stairs of any debris, then apply entire pieces of laminate on each step first. After that you can go back and cut the remaining pieces to fit.

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