Question by  Infinity (35)

What do I look for when buying a propane grill?

I have never owned a propane grill before.


Answer by  ambi901 (473)

size,grill surface, burners, fuel source, and matenice. But if your a person that does alot of grilling out for big get togethers propane isn't the way to go. It can get costly and it also don't give that outdoor grill taste of food. but those are the things you should look for and take some notes down


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

Look for a grill that is an appropriate size for what you will be using it for. They come in a few different sizes.


Answer by  user26 (176)

Size determine the amount of people you will usually be grilling for electric ignition these types emit an electrical spark to light the grill and are fairly safe.


Answer by  redwings1907 (81)

Look for something that fits your needs in terms of size. If you will be cooking frequently and large amounts be sure to get something that is big enough to handle everything. Additionally find something which is easy to light and can maintain constant heat.

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