Question by  Rhonda (22)

Is there such a thing as a propane grill house connection?

Can I use the house gas?


Answer by  CLocke (17)

Yes, there is. Have a licensed propane dealer to run a line from the main between the home and the tank to the grill. It is not a major job.


Answer by  mattinatux (29)

If you are using propane in your house for heating, cooking, etc. , then it would be possible to extend piping for a grill. Propane hose extensions are available.


Answer by  dee68 (244)

While you might be able to use Natural Gas piped in from your house- the gas company and city/state are going to have some very strict codes and regulations about what kind of use you may have (such as commercial/retail use). Not to mention some hefty bills.


Answer by  javondasmith (42)

There are gas grill connection that can be used for your home some are bult into you gas range. but you can get gas grills and use them indores ot on your patieo.


Answer by  Kozmo (286)

Contact your town hall and ask if it would violate safety codes. Some towns allow it and some do not. Contact your propane gas company or a licensed gas fitter.


Answer by  grillmaster (8)

Plumbed outdoor gas grills exist. However, they often do not use propane. The natural gas piped to your home can be connected to a special type of outdoor gas grill.

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