Question by  beenthere (10)

What could be wrong if I have pain behind my kneecap and can't walk on that leg?

I haven't been in any major accidents or played sports lately, but my knee was been bothering me. The pain is moderate to severe, and is certainly severe when I step down on the affected leg.


Answer by  Durrr (43)

There are several reasons for knee pain. There are four major ligaments related to the knee that could have been affected, however, without an accident they are less likely. Tendinitis is also a possible cause of the pain. Bursitis is another possible cause. A doctor should be consulted and testing needs to be done.


Answer by  Taran (716)

Rest. ICE massage where it hurts. Do this 2 to 3 times a day. Compression bandage to keep swelling out. Elevation: Leg or knee above your heart when lying down.


Answer by  spragoo (1500)

It could be that you did injure the knee and you have something torn in there. It really sounds like you may be getting arthritis. You should get it checked out because any advice you get on here would be "guessing. " In the mean time take some ibuprofen and try to take it easy on the knee.


Answer by  rupen (31)

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