Question by  HulaGirl (28)

What do carpenter ant droppings look like?


Answer by  pezhead420 (182)

Carpenter ant droppings looks a lot like sawdust. The droppings are called "frass". They are bits of wood and lumber left over after the ants have dug out their galleries.


Answer by  TBEX (11)

Carpenter ants never eat the wood they destroy, therefore do not expect to find any wood by-product feces as an indicator of their presence. Instead, check for tiny shiny black round droppings that resemble coffee grind...


Answer by  Denalynna (37)

The Carpenter ant droppings look like shaved wood. There droppings are what the eat. It will look like a pile of sawdust has been left in a pile where the have been rummaging.


Answer by  Rathjinngmailcom (234)

The fecal matter can range from a lite tan to a black depending on what they are eating. It's little round balls that are bigger than dust and it accumilates where the insects empty out their burrows by burrowing deeping into the wood and removing debris like their waste.


Answer by  Pitz (29)

Believe it or not, carpenter ant droppings look similar to carpenter ants themselves. They are small, black, round figures. the only difference is that the poop doesn't move.

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