Question by  mubarak (31)

How can I kill the carpenter ants that are attacking my oak tree?


Answer by  Marybeth (841)

Try to locate the nest of ants and place corn meal on the nest, the ants will take it into the nest but cannot digest it and it will kill the ants without hurting any animals, children or cause toxic run off into wells.


Answer by  peterjmg (13)

i would try two methods immediately: First, combine enough borax (contained in Borateam)and sugar in about a five to one ratio. Then spread the mixture all over and around tree trunk. Second, use a water sprayer with soapy water to kill visible ants (they sell this in stores.


Answer by  EricMontambo (32)

I would advise the use of Ortho defense max. If that doesn't work wich I have no doubt that it will then I would go with common household laundry detergent and water. and if they are to bad (well) soak there hill with gas wait five minutes and light.


Answer by  Goldie (121)

Purchase some ant traps and set them near the tree. This should take care of your problem with minimal environmental impact to the tree or surrounding wildlife. These are pretty inexpensive, too.


Answer by  katherineagmailcom (140)

There are specific ant-killing pesticides, they can be found at your local hardware store. Triazicide is one brand name of a popular pesticide. Be careful with the outdoor application though, read the label carefully and contact the manufacturer if needed.

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