Question by  Roxanne (27)

How can I tell if my dog has intestinal worms?


Answer by  Anonymous

Well, even if he doesn't have intestinal worms, just bring him to the vet to get a de-worming prescription. He'll need it anyway.


Answer by  cathy (39)

A few of the signs are weight loss, severe itching like on the paw pads and if your dog tends to rub his bottom on the ground.


Answer by  ram00910 (29)

You need to examine the dog's feces. If there are any worm-lie creatures in the feces, then the dog likely has worms. Take the a sample of the dog's feces to the vet for indetification.

posted by Anonymous
wrong. any pet can have severe internal worm infestation and not have visible worms in feces. fecal exam under microscope at vet they look for worm eggs (not visible to human eye) not the worms themselves which remain inside dog.  add a comment
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