Question by  babya (51)

What could cause Windows Internet Explorer to disappear?


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

It would appear that the shortcuts that allow you to access IE have been deleted. IE is a program that Windows-based computers will not allow to be uninstalled. Go to Control Panel then to Uninstall programs. Click on IE and hit repair installation. You should get a new shortcut.


Answer by  Talerith (83)

If Internet Explorer dissapears, try starting it without add-ons. Tool bars such as Yahoo and MyWebSearch can get corrupt and cause Internet Explorer to disappear.


Answer by  PowerIsMe (844)

If its not appearing on your start menu, then there are multiple explanations. One could be that it was uninstalled. Another possibility was that just the link was deleted. In either case, you can try to run Internet Explorer by clicking on Start>Run> and then type iexplore. exe and press enter.


Answer by  apsaryousuf (22)

to diappear the windows internet explorer 1. delete the internet explore from desktop by using rt- click on internet explorer and delete. 2, removing the check mark on windows internet explorer by using customised desktop ( by using right click on desktop area select properity- left click , select desktop,, select customised desktop (bottem of the screen) - select general

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