Question by  SoCalPlantLady (73)

Does a bipolar child have night sweats?

Is that a normal symptom.


Answer by  hellopiper (324)

Common symptoms of bipolar disorder in children can include frequent temper tantrums, hyperactivity, aggressive behavior, mood swings, and night terrors, which could include night sweats. Most often, however, night sweats are a common side-effect of many medications used to treat children suffering from bipolar disorder. Prescription mood stabilizers and anti-convulsants often indicate night sweats as a side-effect.


Answer by  sarah1967 (626)

Being bipolar does not necessarily cause night sweats,but if your child is on medicine for bipolar night sweats could be a side effect of the medicine.Talk to your child's doctor.


Answer by  timmsa (577)

the condition does not cause the night sweats in some people. The medication is what causes the night sweats. And it doesn't have with every child. Each child is different.


Answer by  Zoe (2369)

I haven't heard of that being a normal symptom of bipolar. It might be worth talking to the child's pediatrician or psychiatrist to make sure.


Answer by  PeterAaron (408)

No more often than a normal child would. Bipolarity is most often a lazy diagnosis and more times than not can't actually be diagnosed in children. Looking for symptoms often just leads to frustration for both parent and child.


Answer by  kangaroodoyle (324)

Night sweats in not a listed symptom used in the diagnosis of bipolar in children. However disturbed sleep, including nightmares and inability to sleep are common occurrences. Night sweats may be triggered by these events or may be a side effect of prescribed medication. Make a note to discuss this with your health professional during your next visit.

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