Question by  beyonddlens (39)

What is a great foundation to wear while working out that is sweat proof?

I need a foundation that will not sweat off of my face when I work out?


Answer by  maria8245 (167)

Bare Minerals by BareEcentuals is a great foundation for working out. It contains SPF and waterproofing ingredients that keeps the makeup on your skin.


Answer by  Molae06 (1467)

I suggest a high end, designer brand, like Chanel. The brands that cost a bit more are generally made of better ingredients. Buying one will give you less of a chance of swearing it off during an exercise routine.

posted by Anonymous
I agree that they make nice products... but you can find plenty of brands that cost less and work beautifully. I'm a professional makeup artist and I have tested out tons of products in all price ranges so I am a reliable source.
-Colorstay by Revlon works well for sweating...  add a comment

Answer by  lisstells (21)

I once used the Maybelline Dream Matt Mousse Foundation and it was working, it mattifies strongly your skin and your sweat will not be seen.


Answer by  Dana46 (2345)

The new mineral cosmetics that have become very popular are very light and do not sweat off. They actually look better once you have sweated a little bit. They provide some UV protection, so they work well outside, too. The mineral cosmetics are very easy to match to your skin type, and they won't cause sweat acne, either.

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