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Question by  sudharaj04 (17)

What could cause burning in my left breast?

I have burning in my left breast.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

I am not sure, but this is something that should not be taken lightly. Go see a doctor immediately to find out.


Answer by  shijo (861)

When you are on your monthly periods you may sometimes feel burning sensations in the breasts This can be treated by some ointments or lotions.


Answer by  Sabharish (1610)

Burning sensation may be a fungal attack or carcinogenic. Try to avoid hardcore sex which may disturb your breasts a lot. Consulting a physician is advisory.


Answer by  Vanasatchy (816)

Cause for burning in ones left breast may occur for some before a few days of ones periods this keeps changing every month. Check this and if you still have doubts consult a doctor and take test like blood and so on do not ignore it. The fright in you may worsen your pain


Answer by  Rani60 (351)

You have large breast they feel burning. If you feel burning behind your left breast and get weak, it may cause in cardiac. Or it may cause Breast Cancer.

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