Question by  elaineragagmailcom (11)

How should I go about troubleshooting my Toshiba TV that isn't working?


Answer by  thelostone (1457)

Unless you are trained in TV repairman you will probably only be able to check the on off switch and see if that is working. Otherwise find a professional.


Answer by  xAtomichamsterx (100)

Check the connections from the TV to the cable/electricity. Sometimes even if it's plugged in, a mouse could have chewed through the cords, etc. Try the buttons on the TV and the remote, if neither work, hook up your TV to your computer and see if you can get an image through there. If not, call Toshiba's hotline.


Answer by  CW16 (32)

First, try to find the manual that came with your TV - there is usually a troubleshooting section in the back. If you don't have your manual, or the manual does not address your problem, google the specific model number of your TV, someone on the internet may have had the same problem and found a solution.


Answer by  samimi (32)

Some Toshiba TV's have problems with not turning on... they begin to function but they turn off right away. If this is your problem, the first thing to look at is your power supply. Take your TV to a repair shop and have them take a look. If something is wrong, you will have to replace the power supply.


Answer by  jcheatham (65)

Check for any unplugged cables or cords. Next, make sure you are in the right video mode. Using source or input. Make sure audio cable isn't plugged into video socket.


Answer by  ilango (226)

whenever any tv is not functioning first you should manually checcking the connection given are correct.Next you will check your remote control works properly. if ther is no problem in this account you call your tvmechanic and tell him the problem clearly. he will short out properly


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well, check to see if the wires are in properly. If not, then see if there is a defect. Call toshiba customer service for assistance. They will help you diagnose the problem.


Answer by  alleycat1967 (1)

a toshiba that shuts its off and screens green with lines does anyone know whats wrong?

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