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Question by  ask123048 (128)

How do you wire a dvd player to a satellite box?

I need to wire my dvd player to a satellite box.


Answer by  acostaf1 (37)

You connect the DVD player's red, white, and yellow wire to the AUX Input RCA connector part of the satellite box.


Answer by  JBear (184)

Most basic DVD player have composite video and sound outputs. If your satellite box has these inputs just use a cable that has the yellow, red, and white RCA connectors and connect them to the DVD player and the AUX inputs on the satellite box. Then put your satellite in AUX mode to view the DVD.


Answer by  papaplumb (42)

You have to connect the wires in the back of the box to your dvd player using the a.v. in side of the connections. If you are using a recordable dvd player you need to use the a.v. in side. Some boxes have an inlet for sd output but require you to use rcca cables to input the audio.


Answer by  brado76 (167)

Your dvd player will likely have a few option. An RCA, Coaxial or HDMI hook up. Find which one of these matched the hook up on your satellite box and then simply purchase the appropriate cable and run this cable between the two.


Answer by  Keith054 (16)

Hook Rca cables or coax from the out line on the dvd player to the in line on the satellite box.

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