Question by  kathyg (20)

What could be wrong if my watermelon plant flowers but I have no fruit?

My watermelon plant flowers but has no fruit.


Answer by  Peas75 (37)

If you are fertilizing with too much nitrogen, a plant will be very green but will not produce flowers. A simple soil test will tell you what ratio it contains and if it needs to be amended. In the beginning plants need nitrogen, at the flowing stage they need phosphorous, and finally when they are setting fruit they require potassium.


Answer by  brandy (52)

There are two things that can cause watermelon plants to flower without fruiting. The first problem is weather. Cool nights can cause blossoms to fall off. The second problem is lack of pollenation. Low insect activity can be the culprit. Both problems can be corrected with a product called blossom set.


Answer by  loveyards (23)

It may be that your plant flowers are not being pollinated. In the last few years there has been a lack of honey bees in many areas and research has shown that many farmers are having problems getting plants pollinated. Some farmers even rent or buy bees to pollinate plants.

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