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Question by  chris8925 (65)

How do I care for a lucky money plant?

I recently received a lucky money plant and I want to take good care of it.


Answer by  Brandon55 (1719)

Let the lucky money plant grow upward and outward so the lucky leaves can flourish. Place the plant in a low lighted area and let it completely dry out before watering. Watch leaves for crinkling or changing to see if watering too much or too little.


Answer by  kittyone (25)

These plants are actually very easy to care for. They do not require soil but do require being kept in a few inches of water. They need moderate to direct sunlight. They should not be kept in direct light. They should also be in a moderate temperature of about 65 to 95 degrees Farenheit.


Answer by  fruitfly (126)

Taking care of a lucky money plant can be painless. In the summer, the plant can get dry easily so soaking about every two weeks is required. In the winter, you do not need to water as much at all, about once a month. Leaves will crinkle and fall off from overwatering. Light shade to minimal full sun is best.


Answer by  Kldoss (117)

The lucky money plant is actually a low maintence plant. Lucky money plants require low light and you should allow the plant to dry out in between waterings. If the plant is exposed to the elements it should be covered when frost arives or the plant should eventually be brought indoors.


Answer by  EMIL (9)

Just always put in front in your garden then put some water every morning and afternoon so that the plant can grow healthy.

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