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Question by  leah (24)

Why do my zucchini plants have a lot of flowers but no fruit?


Answer by  Cristina (339)

This is due to the fact the polinization is not properly made. You probably live in an area where bees aren't doing their job properly thanks to pollution. Or maybe the wind is hurting the flowers badly to not allow polinization.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

As long as the plants are green and healthy and they flowers are bright and they arent all brown and falling off as soon as they open everything should be ok sometimes the weather makes it take longer for the zuchini to actually grow on the plant but if they dont after awhile do some checking with the nursery.


Answer by  Amom (701)

They need to be pollinated. I do that by taking one of the flowers and removing it pollen and sprinkling it on the other flowers.


Answer by  miso (22)

It takes a while for the plants to start to grow their fruit. My Tomatoes have had flowers for a week or more now and they are JUST starting to form small fruit. Have patience and they should start to grow soon

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