Question by  hvinson0310 (14)

What can I do to get rid of the mold in the soil around my African Violet plants?

Is there a chemical that I can use to get rid of the mold? African Violets are very difficult to grow, and I'm afraid to kill the plant if I use the wrong thing.


Answer by  tobiano (33)

I suggest transplanting them into fresh potting soil. Gently remove the plant with the old soil. Wash the pot with a mild clorox/water mixture. Rinse well. Add new soil and the bareroot violet. Then add Neem Oil in the recommended amount to the new soil to prevent further problems.


Answer by  tacmedic (34)

A broad spectrum fungicide should work well. Try to find a broad spectrum fungicide that contains sulfur, such as a Bordeaux mixture. Some people say that medicated mouthwashes poured around the base of the plants will help control mold, but I haven't personally tried it. Also, be sure that the soil isn't getting too wet.


Answer by  Vidhya (42)

Common bug in household plants is the fungus gnat. It occurs in moist soil. Feed your plant with a low dose of fertilizer while watering. Give it bright filtered light.


Answer by  DiannaLynn (24)

The mold you are seeing is from over watering or poor drainage,let the plant dry out and reduce watering to once a week this should clear up the mold.

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