Question by  claire (34)

How can I learn how to walk on my tip toes?

I would like to walk on the tips of my toes.


Answer by  Craess (43)

Actually walking on the very tip of your toes, requires special shoes and training typically provided in advanced ballet classes. What is usually ment by walkin on your tippy toes, is actually walking on the balls of your feet, with out resting your heels on the ground.


Answer by  LoLa84 (32)

Contact a near by dance studio (preferably one offering ballet classes) and consult with a dance instructor. You can also search online for tips on how to walk on your tip toes.


Answer by  Smuglo (28)

What you need to do walk on my tip toes in the house for starters then gradually try to run and that will help you get used to it

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