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Question by  George35 (13)

What could be the cause of my xbox not reading discs?

My xbox is not reading games.


Answer by  bulrich777 (45)

The "eye" that reads the disk could have been scratched on inside of your xbox or your disks area really scratched.


Answer by  Mario31 (136)

The cause for the Xbox not reading discs might be due to a scratched disc (which you need to clean), or a problem with the lens that reads the games.


Answer by  UberCoolDude (9)

If your xbox is not reading your disc properly it could be a dirty laser lens. This is a result of dust settling on the lens and obstructing proper reading of the disk image. A dvd lens cleaner can be purchased at most retail stores.


Answer by  mooman2679 (1018)

The easiest explanation is that the laser in the disc drive has dust on the lens. You can get a cleaning CD, spray canned air in it, or open it up and clean it with a cue tip. These will all possibly fix the problem.


Answer by  BobSXLemon (110)

If you're getting disc read errors or dirty disc errors it's probably a (very common) failure of the DVD drive. Try and return it or get it fixed under warranty.


Answer by  sanmon (12)

this could mean your laser is on its way out, but it could also mean it needs cleaning. the best way to clean is to strip the machine down. strip the dvd drive down and get a cotton earbud. put water on the earbud and very gently wipe the laser eye clockwise but dont press on too hard, very gently.


Answer by  Robin (149)

If you are having problems with your Xbox 360 reading discs, there may be several reasons. First, verify that your discs are functional in another machine. Second, it may be the lens (~$150). Third, you may need to contact customer support and send it in for repair (~$100).


Answer by  Vertiglug (240)

There is many reasons why your xbox is not reading disks, it could be that it needs to be cleaned. Try that first. It also could have the red ring of death, meaning that is has a hard drive problem, and needs replacement. Also try to make sure the disks your using are clean themselves.


Answer by  kaboom969 (242)

One of the reasons could be the laser that is inside the dvd drive got shifted out of position, so it couldn't read the dvd. You need to open up your Xbox and shift the laser back into the correct position.


Answer by  CartoonCarl (108)

It could be a couple of different things.The lens of the disk drive could be dirty.Or your disk drive could be going out.


Answer by  Angela17 (697)

And Xbox can be very stubborn at times and not want to play a game or DVD with the slightest scratch on it. The other the Xbox the more sensitive it is. It doesnt like to play alot of burnt DVDs either. Buy a cleaning CD and see if it helps. If not, I would invest in a new system.


Answer by  maber (1427)

It sounds like you have damaged the laser reader that is inside the console. You can get it fixed at a gameing retailer. You can also take it in and let them check it out for you for free so that you know what you need to fix it, but it sounds like a new one is in order.

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