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Question by  justapixel (17)

What could be the cause of my VW Beetle AC blowing warm air?

It started blowing warm air a week ago.


Answer by  Hellhammer (131)

Compressor failure or a leak in the refrigerant. With the engine running have someone turn on the ac. you should hear the compressor click on. Either way it needs to go to a mechanic as you need special tools to repair. They have dyes to inject to find leaks.

Reply by melisssa (1):
okay so it is smokin hot outside today. like 107degrees. i was driving home today enjoying the cold ac blowing in my face and all of a sudden just hot air, too. could it just be a fuse? i don't know how 2 tell if compressor is running. pls help  add a comment

Answer by  Sabharish (1610)

The blowing of warm air by AC may be due to the leakage of the refrigerant gas filled in the AC. This can be rectified by refilling the gas needed.


Answer by  berwynbob (49)

the air conditioner compressor may not be working, the refrigerant may need to be recharged, or the door inside of the HVAC unit that controls the blend of air may be stuck in the "heat" position. I recommend having a professional analyze the problem unless you have an intimate knowledge of car HVAC systems.


Answer by  Anonymous

Your VW Beetle was made out of plastic parts by an undertrained work force in a thrid world country. Be glad your transmission has not yet fallen apart, like mine, and open the windows, if they still work.


Answer by  chrissimo (27)

The main cause may be that you are out of 134a refrigerant caused by a leak in the a/c system. It may also be caused by a faulty a/c compressor or a loose or missing drive belt. At any rate you should take it to a quailified a/c service center.


Answer by  tiancup (18)

That's becasue your VW Beetle AC has run out Freon, freon is what make the AC blow out cold air, when your car is out freon causing the AC to blow out warm air, so your VW Beetle needs to recharge the freon for it to blow cold airs.


Answer by  emtinoklahoma (49)

There are many possible causes. If is probably a leak in the system. This would require a mechanic to charge the system with freon that has a dye in it.

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