Question by  sudharaj04 (17)

What could be the cause of my dryer making lots of noise?

It's kind of a whistling noise.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

There's a ton here, starting with, are you overloading the dryer which causes it to turn unevenly and "thump". You could have a defective or worn out drum, a belt that is bound up or wearing out. Is it "screeching"? something may be caught. I think you need a tech.


Answer by  knowitall90 (40)

Your dryer's whistling could be one of several things. You should first check the lint trap to make sure it is clean. Air flows through the trap and can make it whistle. The belt on your dryer may loose and causing the high pitch noise or a bearing may be going bad and needs to be replaced.


Answer by  MelMelMel (35)

Check behind the dryer to make sure the vent is attached properly. Also verify that the vent is not full of lint to avoid a fire hazard. If checking these items does not resolve the noise issue, I recommend calling a professional repairman. Ask around for a reputable repair service.


Answer by  Znufoc01 (227)

Dryers have a lot of large moving parts, and a lot of vibration. If the whistling noise is not normal, then it is probably a result of a loose part or a part being bent out of shape. If it is a concern, a specialist should look at it.


Answer by  elias (7)

The noise maybe comes from the warm air that contributes a lot in drying things. The appliances produce noise when not properly maintained by electrician.


Answer by  Hasan39 (232)

I think you are overloading the dryer. You should first check the lint trap to make sure it is clean. Or there is some dust in it. Open it and clean it with a blower.


Answer by  tbk (257)

It could be caused by air escaping through a hole between joints that is caused by the pipes expanding and contracting through humidity, not settling back in exactly the same position.


Answer by  Josie74 (225)

It sounds as though you filter could be clogged. I recommended disconnecting from the wall and checking your lint trap, and all your hoses for any lint that could be stuck.


Answer by  japratt (1687)

If your dryer seems to be making a lot of noises then there might be a lot of coins in it.


Answer by  Jdog37 (592)

There is not a whole lot of working parts in a dryer. It is possible that the drive motor has a bearing going that is causing the noise. You could replace it, or have a qualified service technician take a look at it and replace it for you. There may also be something else rubbing.


Answer by  foodluffy (30)

it might be the filters... they might not be working properly.. or maybe the air is leaking out somewhere; that would definitely make a whistling noise... in any case it should be checked for missing parts or anything that looks out of the ordinary, and make sure the parts are clean, sometimes they just need a good cleaning.

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