Question by  Annie82 (373)

What could be causing Wordperfect 8 errors with spell check?

I do not have any issues till I try and utilize the spell check function of the software.


Answer by  cjsmuz (162)

Possible issues could be (1) memory, (2) dictionary access, or (3) Word Perfect settings. Also, you could be having a conflict if you have MS Office Word also installed. Suggest troubleshooting by going to Word Perfect preferences to make sure you have the spell checker turned on.


Answer by  sanityrose (2664)

The most common reason for spell check errors in Wordperfect 8 is a corrupt file or need to update. Uninstall the application, reinstall, then update via the site.


Answer by  lgk (2426)

The two most common issues are a missing or corrupted .dll file, or the spell check part of the software is missing. If you have the original program discs, and the code to active the program, you will need to uninstall it, then re-install the program. IT will be located under control panel, add/remove programs for the uninstall.


Answer by  RockyCoon (17)

It's possible your user word list got corrupted, as can sometimes happen with this software. Please find the file called 'WT8US.UWL' on your computer and rename it, see if this fixes the issue!


Answer by  jAG82 (236)

It's probably just a defect with the spell check. The best thing to do is re-install the software. That usually fixes the problem.


Answer by  knightmare (1231)

The spell checker is trying to reference a dictionary on your PC. It may not be installed, or the dictionary may be corrupted which errors when accessed. Try reinstalling Wordperfect.

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