Question by  dksister (24)

What could be causing septic tank odor in my house?


Answer by  somerset (801)

There is a trap between the septic tank and the toilet. It is supposed to be filled with water. Every now and than you have to fill it up.


Answer by  pradhaprajgmailcom (1518)

The pipe line connectlng the W. C and the septic tank must have a leaking point in between. Some time the seotic tank has to be cleaned. the main thing is the toilet starts to stink due to congestive manner of room arrangement,keep it airy to avoid the smell.


Answer by  etweedie (107)

Your septic tank could very well be full and perhaps it is time to have it emptied by a plumber.


Answer by  Jeff44 (19)

If you are smelling septic tank odors, you probably have an issue with the traps on your sinks, which are supposed to block any backflow of gases or odors.


Answer by  selvaraj (30)

because in recent days people who are working in high sectors have no time to watch septic tanks in their home

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