Question by  Angela (36)

What could be causing on and off pain in my upper abdominal area?


Answer by  Rajesh (329)

It may be peptic ulcer such that it will have heavy pain in the upper abdomin and in the back side also. If you take any sour item then the pain will be more or that when the stomach is empty correct timely food is not their it occurs.


Answer by  frank (279)

Usually pain in the upper abdominal area is caused either by a hernia or a pulled groin muscle. While hernias can vary in pain from being painful one moment to being pain free a minute later. A pulled groin muscle will usually give pain when that muscle is in use.


Answer by  pradhaprajgmailcom (1518)

It is usually due to indigestion caused by overeating or a stuff not accepted by your intestine. Sometime the constipation causes this pain.Muscle contrction in that area bounds to give pain.Very rarely ulser or stomach cancer shows this symptom.Be regular in your diet and drink water often.


Answer by  saravanan (91)

Upper abdomen pain could be due to stomach ulcer. Avoid eating spicy food. Don't eat too much at same time. Eat little every two hours once.

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