Question by  timerunning (805)

What could be causing my concrete patio to be pulling away from my home?


Answer by  eone282 (67)

poor sub base not compacted enough or lack of rebar or steel mesh. also look at mine subsidence. could aslo be the drainage around the house or lack of


Answer by  kmac (235)

If you are in an area that freezes in the winter, it could be caused by the freezing/thawing out process.


Answer by  BrianMatthewJanisse (101)

Concrete may shrink as the water within it is lost to evaporation. This will cause the concrete to pull away and sometimes crack. Proper jointing will help prevent this.


Answer by  Toedude (25)

If new, the patio may be pulling away from the house as the concrete cures (dries). If the patio is old, the foundation or the patio may be settling.


Answer by  John (9008)

This is almost certainly due to the soil underneath the patio either shifting or being eroded away. The problem will not stop and will worsen.

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