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Question by  goosh (20)

What could be causing a tingling sensation on the right side of my body?


Answer by  Janus1440 (6)

Tingling can occur for any number of reasons, mostly connected to an effect on the nerve. Spinal disk compression can pinch your nerve and lead to numbness, pain or tingling. The Herpes Zoster virus can cause tingling, usually around a limited area of the torso, that leads to a rash.


Answer by  juliannna (639)

Sometimes,over using the muscles can cause tingling. Also,if you do not use your muscles for a whole day this can cause them to have a tingling sensation. There are some disease that are linked to this sensation and if it continues for over one week,i recommend that you see a doctor to rule out the worst.


Answer by  jskumar2006 (6)

It depends on your age and your family background for health conditions. It could be minor allergic sensation, a symptom of heart problem or problem related to hyper tension.


Answer by  RRGKK (412)

This could be any number of things, but it can be a sign of stroke. You should see a doctor immediately, especially if you are having any other issues like lightheadedness or blackouts, vomititng, or vision problems. It could be indicative of another issue, but seeing a doctor is the safest bet.

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