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Question by  cooldude (62)

What could cause a tingling right shoulder blade?

My right shoulder blade is tingling.


Answer by  NYCCDC (311)

Tingling is often associated with a nerve entrapment or injury. You currently may be experiencing this due to recent trauma or overuse of the right shoulder causing muscular entrapment of a nerve. First try to stretch the muscles of your shoulder and see how that feels. If no improvement occurs in a few days have it evaluated by your PCP.


Answer by  TCMstudent (127)

The most probable cause would be external injury such as strain to the muscles at the scapula (shoulder blade) which resulted in nerve being pressed upon.


Answer by  JLM (54)

Tingling in a shoulder blade is most often caused by a mild pinching of a nerve. Anti-inflammatory medication(motrin, flexoril, ect.), stretching and heat will typically fix the problem over time.


Answer by  Knowit (44)

There could be many reasons for this! You should consult your physician right away so that they can explain the possible causes!


Answer by  Ewell (23)

The shoulder is a very unstable joint and connected to that is the shoulder blade. In using your arms you could for one have weakness in the muscles that cover the scapula which forces you to throw off the way that the shoulder blade moves. As you continue to do normal activity the muscle becomes fatigue and tight.

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