Question by  madcookie83 (65)

What could be causing a pulling feeling under my ribs?

When I move around I have a tugging and pulling under my ribs.


Answer by  demannlv (179)

If the pulling sensation is on both sides of the chest, there is a possibility that it may be the way you are sleeping or even broken ribs.


Answer by  Taylor11 (43)

The tugging under your ribs could be growing pains. When you grow, it WILL cause pain in your ribs since your body is becoming bigger. This is nothing you need to get checked out by a doctor. Just be aware that you are only growing and once you stop growing the pain will stop.


Answer by  ttock (75)

This problem can either be one of two things. The first is dehydration which is a lack of water. The second is tight muscles.

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