Question by  forsakendemon (21)

What causes painful intercostal tissue of the ribs?


Answer by  lyle (106)

when one cuaghs vomits or breathes heavily for an extended period of time the mucles that move the riubs and the diaphram are exahusted. this causese them to become sore and will hurt upon acent and descent of the ribcage along with the diaphram. this excessive strain on the lungs causes the soreness


Answer by  sagasrikanth (54)

Most common causes are Slipping Rib Syndrome,loose ribs,costovertebral ligament sprains,Chronic chest pain,repetitive strains, bronchitis,emphysema,asthma, fracture ribs,intercostal thorocotomy closure, intercostal herniation of liver,myofascitis,muscle lesions,ankylosing spondylitis,scolosis, osteoporosis,psoriatic arthritis,gout,post-herpetic neuralgia, trigeminal neuralgia,segmental -intercostal neuralgia,causalgia,peripheral neuropathy


Answer by  STariq (136)

This type of pain could be caused by any of the following: -Chronic Coughing due to infections -Fast running, if you are not used to his type of activity -If you have laboured breathing due to asthma or other causes -Forceful sneezes but this usually does not last long -If your rib is injured


Answer by  Anonymous

New smoker? Inhailing to deeply can leave you with pain after a week or two.(experiance) QQ


Answer by  chen2 (508)

By any chance would you be breathing "abnormally", you could be overworking them, but it also could be because the muscles are tight and spasmodic due to a current illness.

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