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Question by  Dorje (17)

How can I treat a pulled rib muscle?

I was playing pick-up basketball and pulled a rib muscle. It really hurts.


Answer by  chimbee1 (199)

Apply ice to the area 3 times a week for 20 minutes a day. Try over-the-counter pain relief like ibuprofen or Tylenol. These will also reduce inflammation and help with any discomfort. After a few days, you can apply a heating pad to the muscle if it is still bothering you.


Answer by  YellowCup (1650)

Some things can help a pulled rib muscle are: putting or a cold compress on the pulled rib muscle. Over-the-counter pain relievers, particularly ibuprofen, if you are not allergic, would be good to take.


Answer by  talisa (137)

There are various ways to treat a pulled rib muscle. One way would be to ice the injured area for about 20 minutes. After doing this, I suggest taking a hot, steamed towel (usually just taking a wet towel and putting it in the microwave for a bit will work), then ice again for 20 min. Good luck!


Answer by  Gus28 (683)

Pulled muscles in any area of the body respond to rest. Icing the pulled rib muscle helps and wearing a rib belt until completely healed is advised. You may have the following symptoms in addition to the soreness: shortness of breath, swelling, bruising, bruising and weakness in upper body strength.


Answer by  Anonymous

"devils grip" is a pulled rib muscle....if you dont have a collapsed lung seen by chest x-ray and there's no problem with ekg or blood clotting it is likely an irritation of the ribcage where the lung rubs...take vicodin and rest for a week and it should get better..THC alsohelps


Answer by  Marybeth (841)

Apply heat, wrap your torso with a ace bandage and rest, but remember to breath deeply often as people with rib injuries tend to breath shallow due to the pain and can easily get pneumonia.

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