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Question by  Girl (26)

What could be causing a popping noise when I turn in my car?


Answer by  Brenda Hale (43)

Stones underneath the tires can cause pooping noises when you turn. If this is not the case, there may be problems with the ball joints or universal joints. Of course this may be the solution if we are speaking of the car. If it's you, it's your joints.


Answer by  frank (279)

If your talking about a popping type of noise when you first turn the engine on it may be caused by an electrical problem. The most common being the need for a new battery, alternator,starter or regulator.


Answer by  scott63 (140)

It's possible that any popping or clunking noise when turning comes from a worn c/v joint. A worn c/v joint will get worse quickly and needs to be replaced asap.


Answer by  bidibidus (55)

It could be the universal joint, especially if it is only popping when you turn in one direction. It needs to be checked by a professional.

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