Question by  Brodello (68)

What could be causing a Dell Laptop Inspiron to have power failure?


Answer by  Shred (66)

It's entirely possible that the power button is stuck. This is a common problem with the Inspiron line of laptops. If not, it's also possible that the power jack is loose. It could be re-soldered back into place.


Answer by  PlumbButter (107)

Could be anything from a faulty power supply to a bad motherboard. Laptops frequently suffer from poor air flow which significantly shortens the life of many components, but if you are not even getting a post screen the problem is between the wall outlet and the main board. Unfortunately it will probably not be worth the effort to fix.


Answer by  Queen1990 (541)

To start off with, the dell laptop inspiron has power failure because the battery was used for a long period of time, probably longer then the 3 year recommended limit. To fix this, all you must do is buy a new battery and your power will be restored once again to full capacity.


Answer by  killermike (176)

This is most commonly caused by an aged or damaged battery. However this could be an indicator of a more severe motherboard problem.


Answer by  gigo (1706)

Check the following things: replug all the power connections. Take out the power pack and put it in again. If this doesn't helps try a new power pack.


Answer by  jojang (27)

Usually Dell Laptop Inspiron power failure is causing by the battery or power adapter failure. When the battery reach it life time usage, you are unable to boot the laptop. Besides, when the power adapter fail to function, you Dell Inspiron Laptop will also experience power failure.

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