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Question by  thowheed (24)

What company would repair a Toshiba TV?

I can't find a Toshiba repair center.


Answer by  leesa2067 (42)

How old is your Toshiba TV? Is it a flat panel? Or old style clunky one? I have two clunky ones that I would not repair. I'd spend the repair money on a new flat panel TV. If you still want to repair it, check Best Buy or Sears.


Answer by  dannyg28 (3070)

If you have a Toshiba TV and can not find a Toshiba repair shop you need to look in the phone book for a TV repair shop that is authorized to repair Toshiba TV sets, if you can not locate one you can call the 800 number for Toshiba and they can help you locate a shop.

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