Question by  alfaredo (18)

What colors should I paint my Tuscan style kitchen?


Answer by  craftheart (392)

Warm and inviting colors work best for a Tuscan style look. Some good choices would include, burgundy, bronze, gold, or burnt orange. These will give your kitchen a rich warm look. If you'd like something a little lighter, then a medium to dark yellow would be just as rich and inviting.


Answer by  bizgrad02 (103)

I would use an off white or cream color. There is already a lot of browns in play, so this would compliment each other.


Answer by  bekkashay (98)

Tuscan style kitchen work best with warm and inviting colors. Some of the choices would be dark red, burgundy, gold, or burnt orange,or a medium to dark shade of yellow.


Answer by  mem4dr (1378)

Warm yellows (closer to a sunflower yellow than a pale yellow), rich, dark greens, and burgundy reds all evoke feelings of Tuscany. You could use a sunflower yellow as your main color and then add the greens and reds in various places as accents.


Answer by  KittyCat (39)

When thinking of Tuscan style, colors in the warm category such as beige or capucchino comes to mind. Capucchino would be the best choice if you have brown cabinets.


Answer by  daja (26)

You would expect a Tuscan style kitchen to be warm and inviting. You may think rustic and earth tones. One way to achieve this look and feel is by painting one wall a rich terra cotta color.


Answer by  Betty0320 (734)

The Tuscan style has a lot of subtle reds, like rust and bronze. Faded gold, tans, browns and some earthy greens also go well in the Tuscan theme. Any color in a sunset is great. If you choose yellow, do not use bright or canary yellow. Use a subtle, faded, darker yellow.


Answer by  kimberw83 (18)

I would suggest warm colors like brick red or burnt orange. If you want something lighter, go with a darker yellow, maybe with a little orange hue to it. Colors like this usually compliment Tuscan styles really well. Deep purples and reds are great accent colors. Choose the option that best compliments what you already have.


Answer by  MichaelHails (38)

Tuscan-themed colors tend to be warm, rich colors that evoke the Italian outdoors yet remain neutral within the overall design. Pale yellow, pale green, and terra-cotta would all work well in a Tuscan kitchen, as they all bring to mind the sights and emotions of a Tuscan summertime.


Answer by  Anita27 (656)

Use oranges and reds to paint your kitchen to create a Tuscan style. Accents of blue and teal green with complete the look.


Answer by  Wackonorm (164)

A Tuscan style kitchen is typically a nice yellow or orange shade. They incorporate a painting technique to make the paint look like stucco. The kitchen should she a dulled yellow shade and not overly bright. You could add accent pieces with olives.


Answer by  Mollichella (445)

When I think of Tuscan style I right away think of shades and brown. I'm not sure if that's because browns are named things like Mocha and Coffee or what but that's my first instinct.


Answer by  eleonorablack (16)

I would pick ecru. It looks good basically everywhere and plus, it will make the kitchen look bigger. A strong, dark color makes any room look tiny, in my opinion. When I think of Tuscany, I think 'sun' and 'clear blue sky'.


Answer by  cresandsuzanne (115)

Tuscan style kitchens tend to look relly great in burnt oranges, reddish browns, and pale yellows. A classic look would be burnt sienna on the cielings, walls in desert sand with strokes of beechnut, finish with trim in burgundy or scarlet. Another option is fern trim, beige/dirt walls, and nice cheerfull sunshine yellow on the ceiling.


Answer by  Napasaurus (243)

I think that your best color option based on your choice of a tuscan theme is mauve. This particular color would blend especially well that style. However, tan would also be a reasonable alternative.


Answer by  JohnPeter (21)

The Tuscan style kitchen can be painted soft white or gray. All the earth colors like brown, blue, green, golden yellow contribute to the visual effects of the kitchen. Using accent colors on the kitchen walls bring more liveliness to this style.

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