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Question by  misty2009 (19)

What color is the black box in commercial airplanes?

I don't think it is really black.


Answer by  nuttree (1596)

The flight data recorder, or "block box," is not really black. To help investigators find it in an airplane's wreckage, it is painted bright red, with heat-resistant paint.


Answer by  bash (1026)

Your doubt is true. Although it is named as black box, it is not black really. All the black boxes are painted bright orange colour and written on it in bold letters FLIGHT. The peculiarity of this colour is that this will be eaily visible from a long distance and it will help the rescue team to detect it easily.


Answer by  Pradesh (49)

The color of the black box in the commercial airplanes is bright orange, because it will be easy for the rescuers to find and do the needful.


Answer by  CandyJohn (138)

The black box is normally orange, but can be other colors. Orange makes locating the box easier to find when searching for it.


Answer by  brian7754 (243)

Black boxes are actually bright orange in color. This is to make them easier to find after an accident. The correct term for them is actually Flight Recorder.


Answer by  GilFinn (2065)

Black Box is a generic term refering to the electronic systems installed in aircraft. However, the "Black Box" most often refered to when an aircraft crashes is actually International Orange.

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