Question by  3chesley5 (14)

Should I be concerned about a mole that looks like a blood blister?

I have a blood blister mole, should I see a doctor?


Answer by  Kitsy (13)

Any irregular marking on your skin, be it a mole or a freckle, etc. should be checked by a dermatologist. A lesions that has the appearence of a blood blister could actually be something known as a nevus. There is a chance that the mole could be malignant.


Answer by  ilikesmirf (147)

You shouldn' really be concerned at all. A mole and a blood blister shouldn't be so sever that they require attention from a doctor. If there is something else, such as pain or signs of an infection associated with it after a few days to a week, then consult a doctor.


Answer by  mooman2679 (1018)

Yes, you should go see the doctor as soon as possible. This might actually be a cancerous mole that might lead to even worse things. You should go to a skin doctor at your first chance to have it removed or to see if you should even worry.


Answer by  kilua (86)

you do not need to worry, you do not need a doctor, it is very natural, I think the reason is genetic, because my mother has moles and then I can see you. My mother and I still healthy without a doctor, it is not a disease,leave it natural so

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