Question by  Salculd (32)

What causes hair to be coming out at the root?

My hair is coming out and I am not on any medication.


Answer by  Enna (61)

You should consult with your physician about this problem. Whether it is hereditary or health related your physician may be able to help you with this problem. Medication may be able to stop it from progressing or reverse the effects.


Answer by  DStone (817)

If you chemically treat or damage your hair, the folicle itself may be damaged. Try only washing your hair every other day. It's also possible that you have a hereditary condition that will cause you to lose your hair. See a dermatoligist to have tests performed if you're concerned.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

There could be many problems. A crash diet, stress, pregnancy, or any metabolic disorders. A major surgery or a recent high fever could be the blame. If hair doesn't appear to be growing back, see your doctor. Once the problem is found the loss should quit after treatment unless doctor determines it's heredity.


Answer by  bellesouth (36)

Make sure you are eating enough protein and iron. Also, hormonal changes can lead to hair loss. Proper nutrition is important to healthy hair.


Answer by  Dreamlight (856)

For men it can be as simple as male pattern baldness. For women stess is the major cause for premature hair loss.

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