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Question by  santhosh72 (2)

Are bangs coming back in style with ladies hair fashion?

I am getting tired of the typical straight hair and was considering getting bangs.


Answer by  Stylist112 (136)

I am a hairstylist and I can say I do bangs on almost every client no matter the age. Side swept bangs are the most popular or "reese witherspoon" bangs are in as well. They are fun, yet still managable!


Answer by  Maggie72 (70)

I have bangs and I love them! Depending on your face shape, bangs can make you look young and hip. Asymmetrical bangs are popular with plenty of starlets today. Talk to your stylist about which type work with your head; whatever you do, avoid the dreaded bowl cut! The Beatles and Bruce Lee could pull it off but most can't.


Answer by  Tracipoo (1329)

i think they are. you see alot of celebrities with bangs. alot of my more stylish friends have been getting the 'side swept bang' and it looks really cool. try that.


Answer by  Doris59 (1647)

Bangs have options these days. They are not the old straight cut along the forehead type bang of years ago. Stylists can really create a great look that will soften the haircut and create a great updated look.

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