Question by  PBJay (26)

What causes black mold in the toilet bowl?


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

There is something in the bowl that the pressure of the water is not getting down. Take bleach and let it sit in the bowl. Using gloves take a toilet brush and wash the inside of the bowl and around the inside rim. Also check the water pressure when you flush, it probably needs adjusting.


Answer by  TheRealPlumber (249)

The black mold you see in the toilet is caused by lack of use. If toilet is not used as often as others in the house this will cause it to build up mold rings. It is recommended to flush your toilet at least twice a week to avoiud this and periodically add bowl cleaner.


Answer by  Anonymous

I don't think that is the answer. I am age 64 and this house is the only one that I have ever live in that accumulated black mold inside the bowl.I use it several times a day.But I don't know what causes it to do that. Help!

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