Question by  quazex13 (16)

What could be the problem if my toilet won't completely flush?

The only way I can make the toilet flush all the way is by pouring a bucket of water down into the bowl. What could be wrong?


Answer by  johndadof3 (43)

It sounds like the water tank is not filling sufficiently and does not provide enough water to the bowl. The level of the water in the tank is controlled by a float connected to a valve inside the tank. Try adjusting the float so the tank fills enough to flush the toilet correctly.


Answer by  mike90 (71)

Not getting a large enuff volume of water will cause it not to flush completely,check flaot level in tank to ensure it is filing up completly


Answer by  coronato (65)

The float that controls the water level in the tank is stuck and is not allowing the proper amount of water to flow from the tank to the toilet for a full flush. Get a new float.


Answer by  Rick (38)

Your toilet woes sound like the problem could be in the amount of water being released when you flush the toilet. Remove the cover on the tank and make sure the water level is coming up to the indicated mark on the inside of the tank.

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