Question by  4lizzieb (120)

What causes a fear of commitment?


Answer by  Anonymous

Fear of getting hurt, low self esteem, perhaps someone that still has things to do in his life or perhaps they don't feel so strong for the other person so as to get commited to them. Guys also say that they are not ready for commitment unless financially secure.


Answer by  steffiegirl815 (14)

The fear of commitment can be caused from a bad past relationship where someone was hurt and does not want to be hurt again such as someone leaving or abuse. Loss of space issues are caused when one realizes they are not independent anymore. Others are not ready for a relationship because they are into their career or other pursuits.


Answer by  stephaniecostello (36)

The fear of commitment has many origins. One of the most obvious reasons a person may fear commitment is the nagging little voice that keeps telling him there might be somebody better. Others fear being tied down because they saw the dysfunctional marriages of family members and friends. They may feel true love; everlasting love and fidelity are not possible.


Answer by  luna (100)

People see marriage as the end of the road and they fear a long term commitment because they are not ready to live the end of their lives. They want to see the world, explore new careers, experience new people and you can't do that if your married with kids.

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