Question by  Syren2003 (36)

What are symptoms of commitment phobia?

I think that the guy I am dating has serious commitment phobia.


Answer by  Turil (31)

A person is likely to be afraid to make a commitment if they aren't themselves feeling stable and strong and have an overabundance of resources that already allows them to take good care of themselves and others. People generally respect others too much to make a commitment that they don't believe they can stick to.


Answer by  Anonymous

Someone that generally acts hot/cold, is vague on the status of your relationship, and someone that gets uncomfortable confronting their feelings.


Answer by  ewam (403)

It's a little dramatic to think you have commitment phobia in relationships because everyone is sensitive. But, a key symptom is pushing anything anyway that seems permanent.


Answer by  fancbiz (952)

Commitment phobia is usually seen where one of the parties does not want to get know by friends or relatives. This is because too much involvement with them makes a breakup difficult. He should also be seen to get involved in your life as you do the same.

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