Question by  Craig (23)

What can you tell me about yellow leaves on an indoor basil plant?

My indoor basil has yellow leaves.


Answer by  bdvance (32)

Yellow leaves can be from a variety of sources. Yellow, mushy leaves indicate too much water. Dry yellow leaves with some brown indicate a lack of water. If overwatering, wait a few days for the soil to dry. If underwatering, dunk the plant, wait a few minutes and dunk again. Water every few days.


Answer by  gardenfairy (58)

Yellowing could be the result of aging or the plant is not getting the right kind of nutrients or proper watering. Fertilizer may help but could affect the taste. Make sure the plant has well-drained soil and is receiving a good 6-8 hours of sunlight.


Answer by  pezhead420 (182)

If a basil plants leaves are yellowing, it is not getting something that it needs. It either isn't getting enough sun or nutrients. I find that indoor herbs don't get the light they need and tend to yellow. You could try a mild fertilizer especially one heavy in nitrogen.

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