Question by  TLynn (34)

How do you care for basil plants?


Answer by  ablefoster (29)

Basil is a wonderful herb grown outside in a garden, container, or pot in the kitchen. Basil grows best in full sun but requires regular watering in dry conditions. Basil in containers outside can dry even quicker than those in the ground and may need daily watering. Indoor plants will need a sunny location. Basil will not survive a frost.


Answer by  lovelygarden (24)

Basil should be planted in an area which receives adequate sunlight. The soil needs to be fertile and moist. Basil plants need a steady supply of water and the soil should not be allowed to go dry. The tips of the plant maybe nipped off to encourage side growth.


Answer by  jamieellison (1637)

Basil grows best outdoors in direct sunlight. It likes to be generously damp, but not drenched, keeping its leaves dry. Prune regularly for new growth.


Answer by  sylsia (510)

Basil plants must have a place with proper drainage, good sun, and the proper temperature since even a light frost can kill them. It is also important to harvest often and to remove the flowers.

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