Question by  pickyouoff24 (28)

What could cause my orchid leaves to turn yellow and shriveled?

Over the past week the leaves on my Orchid plant seem to be dying.


Answer by  lovelife (998)

Orchid leaves turning yellow is only a concern if it occurs on the newer leaves. As the old leaves age, yellowing is a natural process. Make sure you are watering appropriately, about once or twice a week and that they are getting adequate lighting. You might have to use nutrients in the water until the plant appears healthier.


Answer by  plantman1979 (72)

One of the most common causes of yellow leaves is chronic over-watering. Most orchids require lots of moisture, but they also need air circulation to the roots. Waterlogged growing media promotes the growth of fungus which attacks the roots and kills the plants. One other possible cause would be over-exposure to sunlight. Some orchids like a little bit of shade.


Answer by  seejayo (17)

Orchid leaves turn yellow and shrivel because of a lack of nutrients, lack of water or humidity in the air or insect pests. Most likely would be air is too dry, try misting more frequently.


Answer by  mike49 (373)

First you need to know exactly what type of orchid you have. Some like shade and some like alot of sunlight. They also like humidity and certain temperatures. You should cut the bloom spike off as far back without cutting the plant. Also water your plant once a week.


Answer by  Plantman (31)

It's probably suffering from root rot. To correct this water it less and cut off any part of the plant that seems rotted.

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