Question by  georgie (88)

Should I cut off yellow leaves from a squash plant?

I have noticed several yellow leaves on my fall squash plant and was going to cut them off but want to make sure it is safe.


Answer by  worker8739 (555)

Pulling the leaves off will not damage the plant. You want to make sure and look for insect infestations as well.


Answer by  calamityjean (173)

If the leaves are dying, then remove them. If they are yellow from a nutrient deficiency a little compost may help.


Answer by  will79 (98)

The main cause of this problem is too much dampness and cool weather,although sometimes bugs are also responsible. There are number of solutions to this problem you could get your squashes off the ground by putting them up on flower pots. But you can also cut the yellow leaves if you like.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

This is often a sign that your squash is getting over-matured, if not it is due to a wet season. Cutting is probably will have little effect.


Answer by  Annap4 (31)

It is best to remove yellowing leaves from most plants as they will continue to take some nutrients from the rest of the healthy parts of the plant.

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