Question by  Franky (21)

What can you tell me about planting totem pole cactus?

I would like to plant totem pole cactus.


Answer by  krafty (29)

Most potting soil will do, but you must aerate it using wood chips, stones or styrofoam. Ineffective drainage will kill your cactus. Use gloves,the sap can irritate your skin.


Answer by  Marcinj (39)

To plant totem pole cactus, you will need a hot, dry climate with direct, constant sunlight. This cactus requires around 6ft to 7ft of space in diameter, and about 15ft of ceiling space to grow.


Answer by  subash (67)

Totem pole cactus robust,lumpy,slow growing, and (of course) expensive. Totem poles are monstrous forms of Senita (Lophocereus shottii) which has many varieties from very robust to quite slender. They (usually) do not have spines with only an occasional sticker to remind us they really are a cactus.


Answer by  jeestes82 (105)

Cactus should be planted with a well draining specialized soil. Always plant cactus at ground level or slighted raised on a mound. Never plant too low, this will cause cactus to rot. Be careful when handling because stems can be easily broken off. If stems seem to fall over, use stakes and plant tape to hold up until strong.

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